Backstage Interview with Charlie Puth

Last night Charlie Puth played at SPAC to the thrill of thousands of Capital Region fans.  Before the show he stopped by to talk about Saratoga his life and music with me and Terry from our sister station Kiss 102.3.

Charlie is such a regular guy!   He just hung out with us for a few minutes and then went out and did his sound check.  We got to sneak down there and watch for a few minutes to.  He kept saying he hadn't warmed up his voice but he sounded fantastic.  

You'll also probably start seeing this at more shows soon.  They gave us an ipod with headphones with a special app loaded on it.  You could hear the actual mix that charlie was getting in his headphones on stage.   I(t was a complete different experience and the sound was great!   I'm told that in the future you will be able to pick from a bunch of different mixes of the the drummer's or the guitar player's etc.  Gotta love technology!

Hear our Charlie Puth Interview here

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