"Crack the Hack" Extra: Fun With Rubber Bands

Here are nine rubber band hacks that I took to the test! ~Tracy

1. Keep the door from locking.

I was a little fearful the rubber band would snap, but it did not and sufficiently held the lock in, so that I could open and close the door with ease. Grade: Pass

2. Open jars and nail polish with ease.

This worked like a charm and did not burn my hands. Grade: Pass

3. Make training chopsticks.

Kind of worked, but had to position the rolled up paper towel just right or it would slide out. I can’t see a kid learning to use chopsticks easily like this. Grade: Cracked!

4. Keep blouses from sliding off hangers. 

Yes! Grade: Pass

5. Turn pages with ease.

Other than the band being a little too tight at first, this really worked. I hate licking a finger to turn a page, this is much more sanitary! Grade: Pass

6. Hold a teabag in place.

Worked perfectly! Hate when the teabag falls to the bottom of the hot teacup. Grade: Pass

7. A cell phone holder for the car.

This was nearly impossible to thread through the vent as shown, despite it holding the phone in place quite well. Grade: Cracked!

8. Keep a spoon from sliding into a bowl.

Love it! Grade: Pass

9. Get excess paint off a brush.

Please excuse the rusty paint can. This is actually quite genius. No dripping down the outside of the can, but be careful removing, I did splash some paint on my shoes! Grade: Pass

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