I'm Going To Be a Daddy...Kinda Of

We have a 20 gallon fish tank and there are some live plants in there.  We noticed yesterday that one of the fish was resting in on of the plants.  I thought it was just sleeping.  It was Sunday...the perfect day for a nap.  Later in the day I was in the basement and got a text.  The fish had come out of the plant and the rest of the family saw it and did a google search.  We think it's a she and that she is going to have babies.

Not sure if you can tell by the pic but she is huge.  We have two other orange fish so we aren't sure who the Dad is.  Back to google I went and we believe that this kind of fish doesn't lay eggs but has live babies.  It said that you should put her in a separate tank because the other fish may eat the babies.  Luckily we had our old 5 gallon tank in the basement and were setting it up quickly at 10pm.  You'll notice a lot of food in the maternity ward.  I kind of gave her too much...but then again she's eating for 20 so who knows.

Fun fact:  Baby Fish are called "fish fry".  Kind of cruel if you ask me.

This isn't as exciting as waiting for the giraffe to give birth, but I'll keep you posted.  Nothing so far this morning.

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