When Most Get Their First Kiss

Today is International Kissing Day.  I got an email from NationalToday.com about it.  They had some interesting facts.  Like when did the average American get their first real kiss.  Looks like for about 1/3 of us it was in Middle School.  1 in 4 was in High School and about 20% were in grade school.  

This Kiss and Tell survey also asked people to rate their kissing skills.  1 in 4 think they are "amazing" while 32% say they are "good" and 28% say they are "great".   Only 2% said they were "horrible".  2% also said their partner was "horrible".  Kinda harsh.

Here things that will most likely get you ranked as a bad kisser:

  1. Bad Breath
  2. Too Much Tongue
  3. Teeth (is that bad teeth or clunking them together?  I'm not sure but let's be careful out there!)
  4. Not enough Tongue (make up your mind people)
  5. Eye Contact (are you peeking or just trying to land in the right place?

I'm here to help.  

And while we are on the subject of Kiss and too much tongue

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