WATCH: "Crack the Hack" Episode 7

posted by Tracy - 

In this episode of Crack the Hack, we attempted the following:

1. De-stem strawberries with a straw.

2. Clean a grill without chemicals.

3. Make a cheap air conditioner.

Watch to find out if any of these hacks were cracked!

Episode 1: fill a bucket, remove paint, shine shoes

Episode 2: separate eggs, untangle chains, clean up powder 

Episode 3: thread a needle, remove permanent marker, get gum out of hair

Episode 4: seal a cup, polish wood, charge a cell phone

Episode 5: slice onions sans tears, blow up balloons without blowing, split a watermelon without a knife

Episode 6: Camping Edition: make a lantern, waterproof shoes, use Doritos as a fire starter


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