Remote, Clicker or...What Do You Call It?

Everyone seems to have a different name for the handheld device that changes the channels on your television. 

Kevin calls it the remote, Tracy calls it the clicker. It seems the overwhelming majority on our Facebook page also calls it the remote, which could very well be a regional thing. Tracy lived in New England for many years in her youth and it seems a "clicker" is a New England thing. (Although there it is said more like, "clickah!") The Brits have FIFTY different names for it! 

Our research shows that the original name for it was the "Lazy Bones" when Zenith Radio Corporation debuted their wired one in 1950, five years later, the first wireless "Flashmatic" came out. 

Here in the Capital Region, we heard many variations from flipper to switcher, 'mote to box, zapper to thing-ma-bob, but perhaps one listener said it best when he referred to it as, "the so I don't have to get off the couch thing!"

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