Cheapest Thing In Your Closet Based on How Often You Wear It

I never really thought of clothing this way but this caught my eye.  How much do items of clothing cost you PER WEAR.  It seems like some items end up being a lot cheaper than others.  Here's a quick rundown.

1.  Dresses.  Not good.  On average they cost around $55.  It's said you wear them about 3 times or $18 per wear.

2.  Fancy pants (not jeans).  About $50 per pair.  You wear them about 19 times so it comes out to about $2.70 per wear.  That's bit better...and you don't have to worry if you shaved your legs or not.

3.  Shoes.  Ah shoes.  If the average pair is about $40 I have good news.  You will wear them about 35 times.  The cost?  About $1.10 each time.  The should give some ammo the next time a pair is calling your name.

4.  Jeans.  Oh the best bargain of all.  Slap down about $40 and you'll squeeze into them about 298 times.  That is 13 cents each time.  Now there is a comfy bargain.  

Thank Cosmo for looking into this.  You can get an idea on other items here but you may have to convert from pounds to dollars.  Sounds like too much math to me.

photo:  getty images

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