What Tree Is This? It's Very Annoying!

We spend all winter waiting for warm sunny days.  The sunny warm days get here and out back yard ends up looking like it is snowing.  Are you getting a million white fuzzy things flying around?  They are driving me crazy.  Don't know if you can see it in the picture below but I woke up this morning and the yard looks like the beginnings of a snow storm.

You open a door to let the dog out and the fuzzy things float in.  They get in the pool and turn into white mush.  They are all over the patio furniture, the deck, the cars....they are driving me crazy!  I can't be alone can I?   This is just some kind of cruel joke between Ma Nature and Old Man Winter.

I don't even know what tree these fuzzy things are coming from but I know it's not in my yard.  If I knew I might consider a moon lit chainsaw run.  There would probably be some jail time involved so I'm not rushing to make that decision.

fuzzy stuff in the yard!
Fuzzy Close Up

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