The Most Disinterested Cat Ever

We have had cats in our family and a dog.  They are so different.  Our dog Cody will follow you around just to be with you.  He'll start whining if you are in another room and he can't get to you (which can be kind of annoying).  He'll jump up and sit on your lap whenever you sit down.  He's pretty much a people person.

The cats that have been in our family can take you or leave you depending on the mood they are in.  They'd come if you called them...if they wanted to or they'd just pretend like they didn't hear you.  They'd let you brush them...until they wanted you to stop.  They'd let you know that in no uncertain terms.

None of our cats have ever been this disinterested in us.  This guy is unbelievable.  I think I would have taken a chunk out of this guy if he was my owner.  Makes you wonder what he was thinking about.  He didn't even blink!



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