Imagine Dragons Play NHL Finals

You may or may not be a hockey fan.  The NHL finals are underway and one of the teams playing is the really new team the Las Vegas Golden Nights.  They are a mish-mash of a bunch of players who the other teams in the league said they didn't really want.  That has kind of put a chip on all of their shoulders to "show them".  I kind of like that and they have been showing them.  The made it to the finals.

I turned on the game in the second period yesterday and the reporter is talking to one of the guys from Imagine Dragons.  Come to find out, if it wasn't for Las Vegas the rest of us may have never heard of Imagine Dragons.  That is where they played all the casinos and were discovered.

I also found out that Imagine Dragons played during the pre-game last night.  No one does a pre-game like Las Vegas.  Let's face it it's Las Vegas so it has to be over the top.  I found it on youtube so we can all enjoy the performance.   Oh ya there was also a hockey game.

Oh and Imagine Dragons will be at SPAC on June 29th.  I don't think there will be ice.  Find out how to get tickets here

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