Giant Snapping Turtle In Our Window Well

Over the weekend I shared a video of me cleaning out our window wells.  They are about 3 feet deep and there were a bunch of leaves in there.  Some times we get animals in them that can't get out.  The other day it was a frog.  We have had baby rabbits, a muskrat, a snake.  Yesterday was the worst.  A giant snapping turtle!

He (or she) was fine when it was in the yard but them it must have fallen in.  We tried putting a board in their for it to crawl up.  It was way too steep for it to crawl out.  Then I tried to scoop it out with a plastic snow shovel.  It was way too heavy and really angry.  We tried putting a tarp in there hoping it would crawl onto it and we'd lift it out quick and then run like crazy.  It crawled under it instead.

I went to facebook for suggestions and got the solution.  I didn't facebook live it because I didn't want to take the chance of losing a toe or something,  Can hardly wait to see what falls in next.    



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