Mermaid Workout

If you've loved mermaids since the first time you saw The Little Mermaid.  Well now your dreams can come true.  You can be a mermaid and get a great workout.  

There is an eight week "Mermaiding" fitness program.  First you need to get your mermaid tail.  They have all kinds of different styles.  The tail of the week is around $55.    Get your mermaid tail here.   (If you don't want to wear your flipper to the pool or beach you can get a blanket tail and enjoy mermaiding in the privacy of your own home.)

Then watch the youtube videos.  Here is lesson one.  I'm feeling a little claustrophobic with that tail, but this is perfect for you.  :)   

Snarfblatts and dinglehoppers are not included.  Sorry

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