Man Eats 102 Chicken Wings To Celebrate 102nd Birthday at Orchard in Albany

Chicken Wings

The Orchard in Albany is one of my absolute favorite places to grab some pizza, beer, and wings. Plus pretty much everything else on their menu rocks as well. Did you know if you go to the Orchard on your birthday you get as many free chicken wings as you are years old?

Cos Digiulio turned 102 years old recently and decided to seize the day and take on their brithday wings. So 102 wings is what they prepared for him. 

How could you not take advantage of this? It sounds amazing. 

I know where I will be on my birthday. 

WNYT reports that Cos and his group ate 100 of the 102 wings.

Question - who was it that couldn't just power through two more chicken wings? 

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