What Instrument Do You Want To Play?

Today is "Buy a Musical Instrument Day".   Matt at Parkway Music helped me get this bad boy a year or so ago.  I don't get to play it as much as I'd like, but it's there waiting for me to pick it up when ever I do get a few free minutes.

What instrument have you always said that you'd like to learn to play?  I encourage you to do it.  It will get your brain working in new ways.  It won't be easy but I bet you'll enjoy it.  There are a million on line videos that can help you learn too.  I learn new things all the time.   Will I ever be on stage under the spot lights?  Probably not but I can play a few songs that are somewhat recognizable...and I can play them pretty loud.  That's good enough for me.

Here is the list of instruments I have tried to play over the years in order of when I started:

1.  Piano.  Mom made us all take lessons.  Not a great investment but hey it was in the living room

2.  Guitar.  Bought my first on a a drug store for $25.  Not kidding

4.  Accordion.  Bought it used.   That did not go well.  I'll never hear a polka the same though

5.  Trombone.  Took a summer class in High School

6.  Saxophone.  Started this in High School too.  I actually played a giant baritone sax in a jazz band at school.  At the time I was only 5 foot 1...and it was awesome.

7.   Harmonica.  I've never figured out how to really play it but it sounds pretty good just messing with it.  Our daughter discovered it in my junk drawer the other day.  I may try it again after I disinfect it.

8.  Drums.  I have a set at home that I found on trash day.  A couple of new pieces and I was rockin'.  OK not really.  I also discovered that I am not nearly coordinated enough to play drums.  It's fun to play along to CDs though...when no one is home.

9.  Bass guitar.  This seems a lot easier to play than the guitar and it makes a big difference in every song you hear.  You just don't realize it's there...until it's not.

What's next?  Not sure.  I have a few things to learn with what I have still.  If you hear odd noises coming from our house, it's probably me.  Just having some fun



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