Issa Rae's 1990s TV Shows Inspired GQ Photoshoot Is Nostalgia At Its Best


Issa Rae's new 1990s TV show inspired photoshoot for GQ is turning heads and pages! The actress/producer looks amazing, as she pays homage to the hip hop-flavored decade with fun fashion statement pieces. 

From dressing like "The Fresh Prince," to "Moesha" and more; Rae gave all life in the fun shots. The star's interview for the photoshoot was also great. Rae admitted that fame frightens her because she doesn't know when she's going to fall yet. "That could go to s**t," said Rae when she spoke about her show "Insecure," which is heading to season three. "This could be the worst season we've ever had. And then what? Then people are all of a sudden like, 'Oh, okay.' Then the calls stop."

She continued: "It's like stand-up comedy: In order to eventually succeed, you have to bomb. That's what every comedian says—that's when the fear goes away. And I feel like I'm still fearful because I haven't publicly bombed yet, in terms of my career. Yeah, Insecure is successful now, but where's my bomb coming? Where are my Will Smith bombs coming? Where, where is that happening?"


There was even a fun video Rae did for GQ's youtube. In the clip, she gave some very insightful dating advice. "I personally like movies for the first date but I’ve recently been advised against it and my brothers are like 'no, never take a girl out to the movies, because you don’t get to talk.' I like being in silence and I need to know if you’re the type to talk in the movie [or] if you’re the type to pay attention," the Hollywood star said.

"I need to know if you can carry a conversation about what we just saw," she went on. "It’s a good test. Movies are just a great test of etiquette. Are you going to buy me snacks? Did you buy the ticket? Are you going to offer me snacks?" 

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Photo: Getty Images


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