Do You Have These Tech Related Ailments?

I'm going to play WebMD today.  Saw this article about how all of these ailment names are being changed from their big long names to that names of what is causing them.  Let me know if you have any of these

  • Texting Thumb: Too much texting or gaming can cause tendons in your thumb to become inflamed.  You get pain, swelling or even a sticking sensation when you move your thumb.
  • Selfie Elbow:  It's caused by hold your arms up and bent for long periods of time.  It causes weakness, numbness and pain.  You might even get a tingling in you ring and pinky fingers.  A small price to pay to look fabulous! 
  • Text Neck:  Yep this is due to the bad posture you get with texting.  It puts stress on your spine and muscles.  We are talking chronic pain & a tightness in your neck and back.  You don't want to hold your phone up either...see above.
  • Computer Eyes:  How long do you stare at a computer all day?  Then you know about eye strain, headaches, blurred vision, dry eyes thanks to all the glare. 
  • Mouse Shoulder:  The constant repetitive mouse movement causes pain from tightness in your neck and back muscles

It ain't easy living in a high tech world.  Oh one more thing.  I completely forgot that the Chainsmokers got their start with the song "#Selfie".  You can watch that just for fun.  Yes it will cause pain in more than one way but...   :)

photo:  getty images

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