Fox Cancels Brooklyn 99 and I Am Legit Angry About It

It is painfully obvious to me that someone at Fox is not well. I learned yesterday that one of my favorite shows was on "the bubble." That of course means it could either get renewed late or be cancelled. That show is "Brooklyn 99" and shortly after seeing that it might be cancelled it was cancelled by Fox

I was hoping to wake up today and find out that it was all a bad dream. That the good folks of the 99 would again be with me for another season instead of an impromptu ending of this current season. 

"Brooklyn 99" might be one of the funniest, if not the funniest, shows on network television. The cast is amazing, the writing is great, and quite frankly there isn't another show quite like it.

I am pretty happy to hear that it is possible right now that NetFlix or Hulu could pick up the show. The fans would be pretty happy about that. Because right now WE ARE NOT OK.

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