The Indian Ladder Trail Is Closed, And May Never Open Again

Indian Ladder Trail View/Photo: Monte Jennings

One of the best places to get in the views of the Capital Region is high atop the Helderberg Mountains. A great spot is Thacher Park, and the Indian Ladder trail. It is a Albany area staple when it comes to nature walks and hiking, but unfortunately the trail may not open ever again. 

The Spotlight Reports that the NYS Dept. of Parks and Rec are currently evaluating if they will open the trail after some injuries to hikers occurred on the trail in recent years, including last year when falling rocks paralyzed a woman.

According to the report:

The department is “currently conducting an assessment to identify what additional steps, if any, need to be taken to open the trail this season,” spokesman Randy Simons told The Times Union last week. It is not clear when OPRHP officials plan to make an announcement about the trail’s future.

The trail has long been a favorite place to visit, but limestone erosion and other natural occurrences, the same which created the trail thousands of years ago, have made it very dangerous to the public.

I'll be sad to see it close for good, but also understand that the safety of the public is also at stake.  

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