Dine And Dash Guy Orders Food, Vanishes, And Leaves Females With The Bill

You know that there are some real slime balls out there but this guy takes the cake. He's not jsut a terrible date, he's a terrible human in general. 

According to the video he meets women on dating apps and meets them at restaurants for dates, and sometimes has already ordered food before they arrive. After the date has started and meals have arrived he leaves the table and doesn't come back, leaving the women looking all around for him and forced to pick up the check.

Not only are the women left holding the bill, but they are left with a bad taste in their mouth about guys in general.

Trust me, ladies, we're not all terrible jerks like this guy. 

Fortunately some of the restaurant he's pulled this in recognize him from reports on the news and local horror stories. They've asked him to leave and then also warned the dates with him about who he is.  

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