Amazon Prime Price is Going Up!

That is a picture of our front porch.  OK not really but we use Amazon Prime a lot.  Also love watching their streaming contest.  They just announced that the price will be going up!           

Amazon is increasing the cost of its annual Prime plan. As of May 11th, the company will raise the price of the annual Prime membership from 99-dollars to 119-dollars. Amazon's CFO says the increase is due to the service's increasing costs. Maybe it would help if they shipped in boxes that more closely fit what they are shipping...or is that just me?

Existing Prime members will have until June 16th to renew their memberships at the current 99-dollar-price.  

Some business people are saying they are taking a risk because going over the $100 mark messes with us psychologically.  Probably not as much as it messes with your mind with the thought of not getting two day free shipping.

Will you pay the extra $20?   It just shows up on my credit card so it's not real it?

See more on this here

photo:  getty images

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