The Best Mini Golf Courses in the Capital Region

Below is the list of the top mini golf courses in the area according to you, our listeners! 

We will test out all of them in our upcoming Kev & Tray 2018 Knock-Down, Drag-Out, Fight 'Til the Death Mini Golf Tournament (best of 7)!  

(Ordered based on number of times suggested, with the first being suggested the most.)

1. Pirates Hideout, Waterford

2. Funplex Fun Park, East Greenbush

3-4. Around the World Golf, Lake George

5. Gooney Golf, Lake George

6. Players Park, Clifton Park

7. If it comes down to game 7, Kev & Tray will return to their favorite course.

Thank you to all who sent in their suggestions! Let's do this!

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