Tracy's Nightmare, Could it be Kevin???

I had a nightmare last night. I was back in Portugal (I lived there once) and had left my husband and friends to go into town on my own. A man approached me on the street. He tried to grab my jacket out of my hand, when I resisted, he attacked me. I screamed "help" over and over, but no one came to my rescue. He eventually took off and I stood up and while brushing myself off, another man approached to show me a photo of his daughter, with my attacker's arm lovingly wrapped around her shoulder. Then the man said to me, "You should have just given him your jacket."

What the heck?! It was so vivid, so real, I can still feel the fear during the attack, so I am searching for what this could possibly mean?! According to our friend, Alexa, nightmares are a result of anxiety or a vivid dream-life (post-traumatic vs. the garden variety). However, I also read that certain foods and drugs could cause bad dreams. Some of our listeners suggested I need to let something go, or look to a message about the future.

I have since done a bit of soul search and taking all of the above into consideration, have come to one of three conclusions. a) I should not take Meltonin and cough medicine together before going to bed b) I am still full from last weekend's Mac 'n' Cheese Bowl or c) Being the new River Morning Show Co-Host, in particular, working with Kevin Rush, is just two darned traumatic! All equally the culprit, though I think the latter could very possibly be it)! What do you think?!

Sweet dreams!

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