Tracy Starts Her First Freihofer's Training Challenge!

The 40th Annual Freihofer's Run for Women is on June 2nd and I am excited to be a part of it for the very first time. In fact, this will be my very first official race EVER. As you can imagine, I am a little nervous and have no idea what to expect. For example, I tried to list my estimated finish time for the 5K at 1.5 hours (and quickly found out that the maximum time allowed is 60 minutes)! 

However, all of my worries have eased after only one session of the 10-Week Training Challenge. What an inspirational and fun group of women! We are at all different running levels, but it only took moments before we were sharing our experiences and encouraging one another. The mentors are the best, we were not pushed too hard the first day, yet, we knew that giving up was not an option, and in the end, I didn't do too bad - I can do this! -Tracy

Here are some photos from our session compliments of Ed Parham!


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