Video Footage Surfaces Of Travis Scott Pulling Up To Fight Tory Lanez

Video footage just surfaced of recording artists Tory Lanez and Travis Scott about to scrap. WorldStarHipHop posted the exclusive clip and you definitely want to peep it. 

Though it's about one minute long, viewers of the video can get a good idea about what was about to go down. In fact, Lanez previously spoke about the almost-altercation on "Hate To Say." Plus, in a previous interview with, Lanez gave further detail about the fight almost came to be. "I will do something bad to you," he told the news outlet. "I'm small, but my adrenaline level is at a different level. I'm in a crowd of ten thousand, twenty-thousand fans...It comes to a point where I get off stage, and I'm in a room...and Travis busts in the room like 'yo come talk to me blood, come talk to me outside.' I was going to talk to him, but I felt he was being too disrespectful. I didn't go talk to him outside."

Scott had a problem with Lanez tweeting, "I can't sound like anybody I wrote for." So, after this initial blowup, Scott left the room and soon returned to address it some more. "He came in the there, and he was charged up, and I was charged up, and it came to a point where I was like...let's fade it out!" the Memories Don't Die artist admitted.

So, on Tuesday (March 13), footage of the incident was released and it's beginning to spread across the internet like wildfire. Check out the clip below.  

**WARNING: Explicit language**


Photo: Getty Images


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