Florida Pizza Place Bans Kids From Restaurant

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We've all been out to eat and had a family sitting nearby. Maybe the kid or kids are a little unruly, but chances are you just let it slide. However there are some folks who let it ruin their meal. 

Apparently one pizza place in Tampa, FL decided that they had enough of kids ruining meals and has put a ban on children in their establishment. 

That's right, Hampton Station, which is a beer garden and pizza place has banned kids. The owner says he made the rule banning kids becuse of how many people came in and couldn't control their children. 

I get that. Sometimes handling a toddler can be a bit much. Parents are used to them being wild. Other people aren't. 

Before anyone gets angry, he has every right to ban kids. Just like you have every right to not go his establishment because clearly he's a grumpy cat wanna be. A lot of Tampa parents aren't happy about it. 

What do you think? Is the child ban fair or unfair?

[Tampa Bay Times]

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