Childhood Cancer Awareness Month: Pay Less for the Dress

We will be holding our 4th annual Pay Less for the Dress event in 2018, but we can't do it without your help!

If you're not familiar with it, we collect gently used or new formal dresses (prom, homecoming, bridesmaid, bridal, mother of the bride, etc) at Best Cleaners locations across the Capital Region. They are nice enough to clean all of the dresses, and then we sell them for $9.95. ALL proceeds and ticket sales ($5 each) go to a local charity, and last year, the money was split between the Proctors Scholarship Fund and the Children's Hospital at Albany Medical Center (if you aren't aware, the Melodies Center that helps kids with cancer is at this hospital).

We are looking to do the same thing as last year, but of course, we need dresses in order to make it happen. Even though the event probably won't be until February or March, we are collecting dresses now at any Best Cleaners location. They will hold them until the actual event (and we are so thankful for them!).

By donating a dress, you're giving someone the opportunity to get a great deal on a dress that they may not have gotten if they weren't priced so low.... PLUS, the charity gets helped too!

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