I hate when movies get over hyped!

My coworkers & friends.... I'm sorry to tell you this but.... you all over hyped "Wonder Woman" for me.

I went to see the movie Friday night, and I enjoyed it overall. However, I feel like it was SO over hyped for me, and ultimately lead to a huge let down.

Gal Gadot was phenomenal, and I think she was the perfect pick to play Wonder Woman. I couldn't look away when she was on the screen because she is so captivating. However, I wasn't a huge fan of Chris Pine's character. I like him as an actor and a human (or what I've seen in interviews anyways), but I didn't really dig his performance in this movie.

The beginning was amazing on the island with the #ladybosses (really though... how flawless is Claire Underwood? I mean... Robin Wright), and I thought the ending was pretty cool (and the battle scene about 3/4 of the way through was very well done too). During other parts, I was anticipating my mind to be blown, and it wasn't. It was just in tact. 

Now, before you get enraged.... again.... I did enjoy it! But I hate going to the movies, and being let down. I partially blame myself for taking everyone else's opinion, and only focusing on that during the majority of the movie.

Has this happened to you with "Wonder Woman" or any other film(s)? 

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