Thirsty Thursday Tequila from Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse!

This is our first week of Thirsty Thursday with Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse!

Brian made us his own Pomegranate Margarita! 

@exit9wine is here for #ThirstyThursday ! Today, Brian is making us his Pomegranate Margherita! 🍹

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Ingredients (all found at Exit 9 Wine & Liquor Warehouse!):

1.5oz Milagro Silver Tequila

1oz Pama (Pomegranate Liqueur)

1 oz Hiram Walker Triple Sec

1 oz Finest Call Sweet and Sour Mix

1/2oz Fresh Lime Juice

1 Lime Wedge

1. Combine Ingredients in shaker

2. Shake vigorously to mix

3. Strain in to rocks glass filled with crushed ice.

4. Garnish with lime wedge.


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