Coolest vacation ever!

Over the weekend, my BFF H Dizzle & I went to visit the 3rd in our BFF'ness, Florida Alyssa, in Ft. Lauderdale! For the record, I got those hats at Target in the front section on clearance for $.97. Best find ever.

On Saturday, we took an awesome fishing excursion with our friends at Sea Note Charters! Captain Cait & Willis took great care of us, and I would highly recommend them if you are going to the West Palm Beach area anytime soon! We got to go fishing (yes, I actually reeled that bad boy in my self.... and he was heavy!), AND... the best part of all.... Willis brought the sharks as close as he could to our boat! Literally one of the COOLEST things I've ever seen!!!


Excuse our language in the video below... BUT REALLY THOUGH!!! How flipping cool is that?!? Sharknado the cat was very impressed.



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