Would you be cool with it if this happened at your wedding?

Welcome to Wedding Wednesday!

A couple recently got married at Trump National Golf Club, and Donald Trump himself surprised them and stopped by the wedding.

Now, politics aside... what if you didn't like this celebrity, or even know who he/she is? For instance, my husband Jesse doesn't know celebrities whatsoever. If Jennifer Lawrence stopped by, he would be so confused on why this person would be crashing our wedding... or he would probably think she was just a high school friend of mine he's never met.

Someone brought up the fact that they probably do like Trump if they had their wedding at his golf course, but if there wasn't a connection to the venue... wouldn't it be a little awkward?

I think the only celebrities that NO ONE would get upset over would be Tom Hanks, Betty White, and Morgan Freeman... who doesn't know who they are, or love them?! (haha)

Would you be upset if a random celebrity stopped by your wedding? Or are you all about it... "the more the merrier"? 

Personally, I would have LOVED IT if the Goo Goo Dolls stopped by ours (our first dance was "Come To Me", and we got married in Buffalo where they are also from), or Ellen.... OR KELLY RIPA! But if it was like Nick Cannon or Kathy Griffin, I would sooooo not be happy! 

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