Remember all the cool gadgets that Marty and Doc Brown had in the "Back to the Future" movies and how we were supposed all this stuff now? Well there are actually a few of those gadgets that are here or coming soon...

Vertical Takeoff and Landing Cars:  The military is actually working on one, although it's not technically a car.  It's a drone with heavy lifting capabilities that could carry and detach cargo like vehicles and pods full of supplies.

Mr. Fusion:  We'll probably never be able to just throw random trash into a tank and have it run our vehicles.  But there's such a thing as biogas, which is created from the breakdown of biodegradable materials.  Cars that run on it probably aren't too far off.

Thumbprint ID’s:  In the movie, people use their thumbprints just about everywhere, to do things like pay for stuff and open doors.  In real life, the technology is here, it just isn't secure enough. But if the technology improves, it could be the way of the future.

Weird TVs:  In the movie, they have display screens you can roll up like a piece of paper, multi-screen TVs and TVs with weird shapes. There are already flexible displays on phones, and new technology allows TV companies to make a TV or display in any shape they want.

Hoverboards:  Sadly, this one actually DOESN'T seem likely to become a reality anytime soon…BOO!!!