If you have a family game night at your house and Scrabble is a staple then check out some of the new words that the makers of the game have approved and let the domination begin! P.S. I'm going to try and use these with "Words with Friends" and I'll let you know!

1.  Qajaq . . . which means "kayak."  

2.  Coqui . . . a small frog. 

3.  Qigong . . . a Chinese exercise system.  

4.  Yuzu . . . a Japanese fruit.

5.  Buzzkill.  You know . . . when someone makes everyone else bummed out. 


A couple of the "modern" words they added along with those ridiculous words are chillax, frenemy, hashtag, mixtape, selfie, Sudoku, texter, vlog, and webzine.