I'll admit I love reading behinds the scenes movie facts and things that happened while filming. Here are some I found today...

“Movie Facts You May Not Have Known." 

1.  Instead of relying on CGI, director Tim Burton had 40 squirrels trained to crack nuts for the "Nut Room" scene in "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory".

2.  Pumbaa from "The Lion King" was the first character to "PASS GAS" in a Disney movie.

3.  Joe Pesci ACTUALLY bit Macaulay Culkin's finger in "Home Alone" when Harry bites Kevin, and Macaulay still has a scar to this day.

4.  In "Avatar" the cigarette SIGOURNEY WEAVER smokes is completely CGI . . . because she's a non-smoker.

5.  The role of John McClane in "Die Hard" was first offered to Frank Sinatra.  Then Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Burt Reynolds, Richard Gere, Harrison Ford, and Mel Gibson were all offered the role before Bruce Willis got it.

6.  Jim Carrey was supposed to play Buddy in "Elf".

7.  The police officer in "Hook" is singer and Alamo enthusiast Phil Collins.

8.  "Over the Rainbow" was nearly cut from "The Wizard of Oz" . . . because it was too sad?

9.  In "Ferris Bueller's Day Off", Charlie Sheen stayed awake for 48 hours straight so he could play that random loser in the police station.  Now, of course, he wouldn't need the sleep deprivation.