Now scientists are getting into the discussion and they say they've found proven ways to get "happy" and here they are...

1.  Have “relations”.  If you're monogamous, it's supposed to make you even happier.

2.  Go shopping.

3.  Play with puppies.

4.  Get a good night's sleep

5.  Get up early.

6.  Exercise for at least 20 minutes a day.

7.  Sit up straight.

8.  Make a list of good stuff that happened to you.

9.  Get married.

10.  Have kids.

11.  Make at least $75,000 dollars a year.

12.  Have 10 good friends.

13.  Have a strong relationship with at least one of your parents.

14.  Spend your money on experiences, instead of on material things.

15.  Be tall.

16.  Be an only child.


17.  Live in Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, and Lincoln, Nebraska.