Maybe you heard.  There is this Unicorn Frappuccino out through Sunday.  Many places are sold out.  Katy Perry tried it and, well...spit it out.  Pretty funny actually...and gross at the same time.  

I had one yesterday.  pretty sweet and then sour....and then sweet again.  I think I'll stick with my Dunkaccino!  Thanks Al!

I love her, I have no words 😍 @katyperry #katyperry #katycats #KP4 #keiry 😏

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I guess it's a hair style now too

UNICORN FRAPPUCCINO?! UNICORN HAIR!!! Stay tuned tonight for a hilarious video!!! Ps. My clients are amazing. @kianarae96

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I'm sticking with the classics.   Love this dumb but so funny