Today is the International Day of Awesomeness! This day gives us the opportunity to celebrate every person, place, thing, or idea in the world that is awesome. As the official tag line points out, “No one’s perfect, but everyone can be awesome.”

Kevin Lawver declared the need for an International Day of Awesomeness in 2007. He was working with his intern.  The guy suggested that the office should celebrate Lawver’s awesomeness. Lawver replied that there should be an International Day of Awesomeness. He posted the idea to Twitter and the rest is history. 

Why March 10th? Because that's Chuck Norris' birthday - but this isn't really a salute to Chuck Norris, the man. This is a tribute to the awesomeness of the man.

I love the myth of Chuck Norris jokes.  Read a bunch here & see how to make them into a t-shirt

Remember.  Chuck Norris doesn't use spell check.  The correct spelling is however Chuck Norris Spells it!

photo: getty images