Some interesting facts I stumbled on:

  • If your dreams aren’t as sweet as you need them to be, you should try making your bed. A recent survey found that if you make your bed in the morning, your sleep would be better at night. In fact, people were 19 percent more likely to dream the night away than those who slipped into messy sheets.


  • Now it can be told – a warm store will make you spend more. A group of Israeli researchers found that people in a warm room were willing to spend more than those in a cold room. Apparently if you’re physically warm, you’ll think about emotional warmth – which creates positive reactions and increases how much you’re willing to spend.


  • Speaking of warmth, did you know that just being warm could erase irritability? Researchers at Yale University found that just holding onto something warm – like a cup of coffee, cocoa, or tea – will chase away a grumpy mood. And you don’t even have to drink it.