It’s a long flight to Grandma’s house and little Susie is driving you crazy! What do you do? Pass her your iPad, after you wipe off her sticky little paws from that sucker that didn’t do the trick. What harm can it do? Experts think it isn’t a good idea. 

Saw this today.  The Experts say , “As the technology’s popularity with the diaper-wearing set outpaces what is known about the neurological and cognitive impact on their brains, child development experts say less — or no — exposure may be best in the first 24 months.”

A study by Common Sense Media, a San Francisco-based company, found that 38 percent of babies under two use tablets or smartphones, reports the Daily News. This is an increase from ten percent in 2011.

Fisher-Price even introduced a $79 “Newborn-to-Toddler Apptivity Seat,” a bouncy chair that accommodates an iPad hanging over a baby’s face, and parents weren’t too thrilled sending in angry letters to the company.

Fisher Price posted “A Note to Consumers” on its website along the lines of “don’t hate the playa.” They apologized, but said they were just giving parents what they wanted since most new parents pacify their babies with an iPad. They were just trying to make things easier.

Pediatricians aren’t sure if this new baby tech is a bad thing, but err on the side of less is better while their tiny little brains are developing. They’ll have all the time in the world as teenagers to ignore you while they tap away at their smartphone. READ A BOOK!  Added bonus?  No baby drool on your $600 phone or iPad.

photo: getty images