Here's the deal.  My wife and I both have full time jobs and we have two teens who going to get driver's licenses soon.  Maybe in the next couple of weeks.  They both have summer jobs so we decided to get a used "family car" to get everyone where they need to go. 

Yesterday we got this pre-owned vehicle from Mohawk Honda.  I was driving it home and needed to pick up our daughter from work on the way.  She hadn't seen it and wanted to drive it.  On the drive I'm thinking this has power everything, a nav system, sunroof, AWD and fewer miles than the car I'm currently driving.  I might just keep this for myself and let the kids use my old car.

When I pick her up she is thrilled with this new car and has already named it and pretty much claimed it for herself!  I'm like "hold on sister".  Then I started thinking "How would my Dad handle this".  Here's what I came up with.

  1. He never would have gotten a "family car" to help kids get to work.  He's say "buy your own or walk"
  2. If I wanted to borrow his car the asking would include a bow and or curtsy and the promise to "remember where the gas tank was"
  3. review #1 & #2 and repeat out loud without making eye contact

OK maybe I'm exaggerating a little, but not too much.  Oh how times have changed.  Maybe I'm just not up for the task of being the Dad dictator.