Who sent their kids to school with their first cell phone today?  Worried about what the bill is gonna look like? Try these five ways to curb your cell bills, and you might be able to save a few bucks.

Monitoring the selfies is all on you.

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1. Choose the right plan.- Try “unlimited” data plans to avoid overages, pay as you go plans that only charge for the minutes you use, or WhistleOut.com that offers a calculator for figuring out whether it’s cheaper to put your kids on a family plan or to cut them loose.

2. Lock it down. - For $5 a month, both AT&T and Verizon give you the ability to block calls, limit how and when kids use the phone, and get alerts when they’re nearing or exceeding their monthly data quota. CTIA, the trade association for wireless carriers, offers a comprehensive list of parental controls by vendor.

3. Cut ’em loose. – “As your kids get older, consider getting them prepaid phones. If nothing else, this can provide a financial wake-up call,” notes Brandon Ackroyd, head of customer insight for Tiger Mobiles, a phone comparison site.

4. WiFi your phone. - Get a phone that uses WiFi networks for calls and data and then rolls over to a prepaid plan when a network isn’t available. Republic Wireless and Scratch Wireless offer plans from $0 to $40 per month.

5. Turn off the in-app tap. – The scary thing is that you can do all of the above and still get hit with insane in-app purchase charges. But, you might be able to still afford a nice dinner or two out if you change a few settings on your Android or iOS phone.

Source: Yahoo! Tech