Unless you have been on vacation to a tropical island, the dark side of the Moon or a backpacking through North Korea (not recommended), you've by now heard of "The Ice Bucket Challenge" that is breaking Facebook - everyday. Your news feed has been overrun with friends, co-workers and celebrities who are "calling each other out" while dumping buckets of ice cold water on their heads for "a good cause."

And don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with unique fundraising! Heck, the genius at the ALS Foundation who came up with this is probably getting a promotion after the success of this summer's work! What started out as a way to create awareness for the charity, maybe raise a couple bucks in the process, has turned into a fundraising machine that rivals the Election year cash grabs. According to Wikipedia (which is NEVER wrong), even President Obama, was challenged by Ethel Kennedy but declined to do so, opting to contribute to the campaign with a donation of $100. Justin Bieber, LeBron James, and "Weird" Al Yankovic have also challenged President Obama after completing the Ice Bucket Challenge - still NO-bama video...

This weekend, my seven-year-old son kept asking if he could do the Ice Bucket Challenge. The Reader's Digest version of our conversation boiled down to me asking him: "How did you get challenged?" "How do you want to do this?" "Who would you call out?" Surprisingly, he had answers to all of those questions... And he did it!

If you haven't been challenged and now you're depressed because a second grader has... here's the answer to the "Can I just do this without being challenged?" question: Yes. Again, according to Wikipedia (which is NEVER wrong), the only "rule" is that IF you participate in the challenge, you may not do so again.

So... what's keeping you from dumping a bucket of cold water (or small cup) over your head?