In your opinion, what's the worst part about flying on the plane?

Here's a list of 20:

20. Abusing someone else's possessions in overhead bin

19. Taking ages to choose a movie

18. Compulsive leg-shaking

17. Boarding before group number is called

16. Babies crying

15. Getting huffy when a neighbor leaves their seat

14. Yapping on cell phone

13. Scarfing smelly food

12. Loud talking

11. Establishing armrest hegemony

10. Poaching the empty middle seat

9. Coughing, sneezing, germ sharing

8. Playing games without turning sound off

7. Rolling huge suitcases up aisle

6. People behind you trying to disembark first

5. Neglecting personal hygiene

4. Bare feet

3. Hogging the toilet

2. Reclining the seat

1. Kicking/bumping/shoving the seat back

What's the most annoying one to you???

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