On this Wedding Wednesday, we're talking dresses! 

And this one in particular is breaking records.

It's absolutely stunning, and she looks flawless in it.... but personally, it's too much dress for little old me!

This is Intan Azzahra, and her white and pink dress is the most liked dress on Instagram. 


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What do you think of the dress???

One of my biggest pieces of advice for brides is to NOT put so much pressure on yourself to find the "perfect dress". The dress I ended up picking and absolutely loving was one of the first ones I tried on, but I thought to myself, "It can't be this easy.... I have to keep looking!" What a bonehead move. I went to, I believe, 7 different places, and stressed myself out for no reason!

The average that brides are paying for their wedding dress these days is $1,500.... and I am happy to say that my perfect dress from Lillian West was half that!

Look at that smiling face of mine.... I should have just got this one from the start! It's definitely my dress soulmate<3 (lame right? whatevs)