Fun Fact Friday!!!


Kevin's Fun Facts:

  • In 1962, Crayola changed the name of the "flesh" crayon to "peach." Partly in response to the civil rights movement, renaming this crayon was a way of recognizing that skin comes in a variety of shades.

  • Before erasers were invented, a common way to erase pencil markings was with a rolled up piece of white bread.


  • School buses are yellow because the color attracts attention faster than any other color. In scientific terms, "Lateral peripheral vision for detecting yellows is 1.24 times greater than for red."


Shanna's Fun Facts:

  • The average classroom pencil can write about 45,000 words or draw a line 35 miles long.


  • Crayola produces nearly 3 billion crayons each year, that's about 12 million each day. Blue is the most popular.