(Yahoo!) - It appears that Shain Gandee died doing what he loved.

While mudding with his uncle, David Gandee, and friend, Donald Robert Myers, following a night at a West Virginia bar on Saturday, the "Buckwild" star's 1984 Ford Bronco got stuck in the thick, dirty water and its tailpipe submerged, thus preventing the exhaust from leaving the car.

Although the coroner has yet to confirm what took the three men's lives, speculation that carbon monoxide poisoned them is "not irresponsible," says Dan Humphries, spokesman for the sheriff's department. "But we're waiting on the coroner's report."

When Shain's truck was discovered early Monday morning, "The vehicle sat unevenly, but upright, and was partially submerged in deep mud," according to a statement from officials in Kanawha County. "Mud was covering the lower part of the passenger side door of the vehicle, but the driver's side of the vehicle was above the mud. The muffler of the vehicle was completely below the surface of the mud."

Until an exact cause of death is determined, Shain’s family and friends are grieving the fun-loving 21-year-old, who was the breakout star of the MTV reality series. Still, despite his fame since "Buckwild's" premiere in January, Shain did not have much money and his family is struggling to pay for his funeral. So they are planning to both raise funds and honor their beloved with a "mud run" on Wednesday in Proctorville, Ohio, which is not far from Charleston, West Virginia, where the show is filmed. For $10 per vehicle, participants can take part in the off-road event, which was one of his favorite pastimes.


Photo Credit Splash News