circa 1860: American educationalist and pioneer for equal education opportunities for women, Emma Willard (1787 - 1870). (Photo by Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

The Emma Willard School in Troy is taking several steps to respond to allegations of sexual assault within its walls, some of which go back years. 

At a panel discussion on Thursday, the Interim head of the two hundred year old, all-girls boarding school, Susan Groesbeck, outlined some of the steps being taken.

For one thing, the school has formed an Alumni Advisory Task Force to review school policies and provide recommendations, and has entered into a partnership with Culture of Respect, a group that works to prevent on-campus sexual violence.   

The initiatives come after former student Kat Sullivan went public last summer with claims that a teacher with whom she had a consensual relationship raped her in 1998.

Photo: Getty Images